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About Robert Conti Jr.


RCPicks.com, the home of World Champion Handicapper Robert Conti Jr.

Robert Conti Jr. has been delivering winning sports picks since 1997. In the last 18 years Mr. Conti Jr. has been credited with 16 winning years out of the last 18, with 13 consecutive winning years out in Las Vegas.

Below you will see why betting on Mr. Conti is your best bet. Don’t waste your time or money over paying other tout services who run a broiler room. Deal with a true legend in this business who has been documented for the past 18 years.


RC’s 5 Star Advantage:


Instant access to your rated picks (No need to call us, all accounts activated instantly!)

1-3 high rated picks per day (Rated with RC’s famous 1,3,5 & 10 unit picks)

No Upsells

No Phone Calls

No Salesman


3 Packages to choose from:


1 Day all inclusive access $4.99

7 Days all inclusive access $19.99

30 Days all inclusive access $59.99


How it all started:


Robert Conti Jr. is the son of infamous east coast bookmaker Robert Conti Sr.. Robert Conti Sr. rose to fame on the east coast back in the late 80’s when his bookmaking business started to receive credit from the casinos in Las Vegas for having the most accurate lines around.


How did Sr. do this?


Years and years of hard work that he passed down to his son from an early age. In 1990, Mr. Robert Conti Sr. was forced out of the business very abruptly. In the mid 90’s, Sr. along with a group of MIT graduates had developed a mathematical computer formula that could consistently produce the sharpest lines on all major sporting events.


In 1997, Robert Conti Sr. was arrested for his illegal bookmaking business and was released in 2009 after serving his time. At the time of his fathers arrest RC wanted to keep his fathers ideas alive in the only way he knew he could legally. And that was by selling the same information they used to beat Las Vegas and the East Coast public for years.

Later that year, RC left New York and headed to Las Vegas, Nevada where he formed RC’s Picks and began selling his picks over 1-900 numbers where people were paying $25-$100 per phone call for RC’s winners. Once the presence of the internet took over RC moved his services to the internet.


For 18 years RC has been selling his winning picks the same exact way. Treating the clients no matter there bankroll with the same class and respect they deserve and delivering winning season after season.


Note from Robert Conti Jr:


I hope you guys and gals who are new to my site will take advantage of the great program that I have ran for the past 18 years. If your looking for a service who will load you up with 5-10 games a day. Then please close this page and go elsewhere. If your looking for a service who will treat you right and keep producing winners year after year then give us a try.

I frequent the books at the West Gate (formerly Las Vegas Hilton, Caesars Palace and the Bellagio daily. If you see me in the sports book please stop by and introduce yourself. I would love to meet you.

If you are ever unsatisfied please feel free to contact me directly at RC@RCPicks.com